April 23, 2014

Nick Miserendino Invited Builder Video

Nick from War Gasser is a highly skilled fabricator & builder and a very humble guy...too humble. Nick is building high quality cars & bikes and also making some very nice parts. He has some serious talent and we hope we can help show off his work. Nick's build is also in the giveaway promo...so if you are liking what you see it could be yours.


April 22, 2014

New GKM #38

Check out the new GKM. Issue out now filled with motorcycling dreams!
Greasy Kulture has been a proud sponsor of Born-Free since 2009.

Invited Builder Update-Brandon Casquilho of Mullins Chain Drive

Brandon has been locked away in the Mullins Chain Drive dungeon working his mad scientist skills on his Born-Free 6 build! He has more work into the modifications to the twin front S and S shovelheads than he'll ever be able to bill for!
Check out the crazy exhaust ports and the new Hi-Po dual carb setup!!! This shovelhead will be 96-inches of mean machine!
You can always keep up with Brandon's blog HERE or on is Instagram HERE

April 21, 2014

Paul Cox BF6 Invited Builder Video

Paul is a real artist & craftsman and we are all very excited to see his bike and have him out in California for the show. Here's a cool concept video he put together on his BF6 build.

Hotels and Camping at Born-Free

Visit the WHERE TO STAY Page to find SPECIAL DEALS at Hotels and Local Campsites.

Wes White's BF6 Invited Builder Video

Here is the latest installment of the BF6 Invited Builder Video series .Mr.Wes White from Four Aces Cycle talks about his build ,his love of Triumphs and his passion for Bonneville . Please enjoy.

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter-go ride!

Hope you get a chance to hop on your motorcycle a ride this holiday weekend! We were lucky enough to be out all day yesterday on our old panheads. Ran into a bunch of friends too! 

April 17, 2014

Born-Free Show Schedule

We are working on putting together the show schedule for Born-Free 6. This will give you an idea of what time and where we are doing the awards, giveaways, band times ,ect. So far we know that on Saturday June 28 th we are doing the Invited Builder awards presentation and giving away one of the participating Invited Builder bikes  at approx. 4 pm. Bands and times to be determined. Sunday June 29 th we are doing all the regular awards( approx. 15) The Best In Show & Born-Free Awards..plus giving away the 1947 Knucklehead. The fun will all begin at approx. 3pm. Bands and times to be determined. So what does this mean to you? If you want to win one of the participating invited builder bikes you must be present on Saturday. If you want to win an award you must be present on Sunday. If you want to Win Best in Show or The Born-free Award you must be present on Sunday. If you want to win the 1947 Knucklehead you must be present on Sunday. The general awards will work as follows: On Saturday the judges will be roaming the grounds searching for their favorite bikes in the categories they have been assigned to judge. The bikes they pick and it could be several in their category will get a sticker on the headlight. It will say "you have been picked"! If you get one of these stickers come to the Born-Free booth and register. This does not mean you have won. It means you need to come back on Sunday and you are in the running to win your category. We will probably have some kinda goodie bag for you too. Sunday the judges will go back out and search the grounds for the bikes they did not see on Saturday and make sure the bikes they tagged are present then  pick the winner. We will do the awards presentation at approx. 3 pm. Pretty straight forward and simple.  We will do the same thing for Best In Show & Born-Free Award . We will sticker your bike , you come to the booth and sign in. Sunday we will look again and then pick the winner. Remember the winner of the Best In Show comes from the crowd not the invited builders. The winner will also win a trip to Mooneyes HRCS in Japan with their bike!! Please tell your friends and help us get this info out there. This year more than ever our judges and us will be looking at every bike possible to find the best. So get those bikes done and to the show!!

April 16, 2014

Fast Pass Questions & Answers

What is a Born-Free 6 Fast Pass wristband? Why should I buy them? Do I need one to get into Born-Free 6? The answers are: The Fast Pass wristbands are a way to pre pay for your admission to the show. It will guarantee that your old bike will be parked inside the show grounds on the grass and will get you in quicker and earlier than without one. The reason you should buy them is simple...If you care about being parked on the grass on the show grounds and have your bike in the show to be judged & eligible for awards, if you want to get in faster and earlier by entering through a different gate set up just for the Fast Pass wristband holders and not have to fumble around taking off your helmet, stalling your bike & parking it to pay....You might want to get your's now! Do you need one to get into BF6? The answer is No.. you don't need to buy one to get in. Your options are:  you can drive your car to the show and pay at the gate, you can ride your motorcycle to the show, park in the lot and pay at the gate, you can even ride your bike, pay at the gate and ride your bike inside the show grounds and park...but if we are FULL.. you can't bring your bike in..you will be directed to the parking lot. So that's the deal. Buy now and eliminate all your troubles completely or take your shot at the gate. 2 MORE SUGGESTIONS : One is ride a bike to the show. It will help with the traffic and it's a bike show. Two is if you do drive a car try to carpool with friends. It will be a massive help to us and help the flow of traffic.  To get your Fast Pass now go to Lowbrow's BF page http://www.lowbrowcustoms.com/p3312/buy/misc/born-free-6/born-free-show-born-free-6-poster-amp-raffle-ticket

April 15, 2014

Breaking News :: Campers Please Read

I just got off the phone with Tina at Irvine Lake and they will allow camping this year for the Born-Free show attendees.  This is not a Born-Free deal... Its up to you all to get your campsites arranged. Irvine Lake is right in front of the Born-Free Show grounds so you could not get any closer if you tried. They do have group rates you and your friends could that work out or just single camp sites are available. They have a fully stocked fishing lake, rentals and a cafĂ©. Call Tina directly at  714 649-9111 ext 2...please note: Ask for Tina is knows what's going on. Make your reservations now. http://www.irvinelake.net/