September 11, 2014

Race of Gentleman

The R a c e of Gentleman is less than a month away. This show is really building some serious momentum and should be fantastic. Chopper pre party too.  

August 28, 2014

The Born-Free Street 500 Cover

The Born-Free Harley -Davidson Street 500 that was customized by the Speed Merchant is on the cover of the new Hot Bike Magazine. This was a very unique opportunity on a brand new model and we could not be happier with the outcome of the bike. We had some great partners on this project and it was a total success. The bike had it's big revile at BF6 and then it went straight to Michael Lichter's display Sturgis. It's back now and doing a mini tour through So Cal. Currently it's on display in Hollywood at  Tri Co. We have some big plans for the bike for BF7 so stayed tuned for the details.  

August 25, 2014

August 14, 2014

Oily Souls Motorcycle Show

You may remember our friend Brad as one half of the dynamic invited builder duo of Brad and Ry. They built the Shovelhead that redefined "tank shift". Brad if doing his part to revitalize Detroit by putting on the Oily Souls Motorcycle Show on Aug 23. In it's second year, the show is going to be one to remember. Mark your calendar and visit oilysoulsdetroit for all the details.

August 6, 2014

Harpoon's Panhead

He took home best Panhead at BF6 & now a 5k winner at the Street Chopper show in Sturgis.

August 4, 2014

Invited Builder Bikes 2014

This year Mark Kawakami of Joyrides Art Co. Took some fantastic photos of the builders and their bikes for us. If you didn't get a chance to see them here are the Invited Builder Bikes of Born-Free 6. (in no particular order)

Ryan Mullion Triumph Trike

Todd Asin 47 Knucklehead

Larry Pierce

Kusoke Saito

Kevin Baas

Trent Schara

Joey Cano

Pete Mason

Brad & Ry

Paul Cox

Nick Miserendino

Jesse Bassett

Jason Sheets

Go Takamine

Caleb Owens

Scott Jones

Gaku Yokomizo

Matt Olsen

Matt Walksler

Tom Fugle

Jason Phares

Oliver Jones

Jordan Dickinson

Bobby "the Leg" Middleton

Wes White

Bryan Thompson

Brandon Casquilho

Mike Neilsen The people's champ

August 2, 2014

Pete Mason

 Handsome and good looking would be the best way to describe Pete Mason. The Panhead he built for the show ain't to shabby either! Shouldering the burden of all that cool is hard to take sometimes. Sure, the endless lines of HOT, HOT... Really Hot ladies helps, but in the end it is just you and your awesome Panhead rollin' down the Highway that gets you through the day. Find out how it feels to be Pete. The Pan is on the Chopping block. For Details and price email Pete.