March 4, 2015

PRIZES at the Biltwell/Garage Co party!!!

We have some goods for you to win at the upcoming Biltwell/Garage Co party!!! If you buy at least 1 BF7 poster/ticket combo between NOW and the party on March 21 or online until 5pm March 19 you will be entered to win all kinds of stuff including a brand new Miller Millermatic 190 with Autoset MIG welder, a tank and fender set from Throttle Addiction with kustom paint by The Harpoon and great prizes from Harley-Davidson, Biltwell, Pabst, and more!
Click the link for Born-Free merch to the right or CLICK HERE to get them directly from Loser Machine. You don't need to be present to win the welder or tank and fender.

March 3, 2015

BF7 Invited Builder : Scott Stopnik

Big Scott is back after taking a year off and has big plans for BF7. He has been hard at work and checks in for the first time...He writes::
So again with this bike much like the Zombie Child Knuckle for BF5 ,the  inspiration comes from late 50's early 60's show bike era. This has always been my favorite time for custom motorbikes and cars! I have a ton of respect for the guys building them at that time! Doing things that wasn't being done and as Tom Fugel was quoted saying
"We just used whatever was available! Didn't matter if it was Jap, British ...!wilder the better! As long as it was cool! For me it's all about trying to do something that looks like it was from back in the day and gives tribute and respect to the real dudes that were thinking outside the box!
I am using a 1949 Panhead motor, a modified 53 wishbone frame and a inline BT springer,custom seat, molded tank ect... Kustom paint will be done by the Harpoon! Stay posted for his video and more updates!

February 28, 2015

Biltwell/BF Party at The Garage Company

Save the date....March 21st 2015 at the Garage Company...Cold ones, BBQ, GiveawayS and chicks. Come on out to Yoshi's place for some fun...Oh the Dice magazine after party at the Chun. If that's not enough the Long Beach Motorcycle Swap in the following day.  

February 25, 2015

Born-Free 7 Invited Builders Carmine and Jason of Visionary Cycle Products

Its rare that we have "teams" as builders, but sometimes guys just work better together and Carmine and Jason of Visionary Cycle Products in New York are two such dudes. If you haven't seen all the parts that their company VCP makes by now you need to check em out! CLICK HERE for their website.

In addition to running a busy company and working jobs they also find time to build nice bikes. Here is what they say about their BF7 build:
"We are extremely excited to be building a bike for Born-Free 7 this year. We are going to put together a mix of some of our production parts that we make for Visionary Cycle Products along with some custom one off parts for the bike.
The base of the bike is built around an OEM early 1937 Knucklehead frame that was modified by going slightly up and out in the front of the frame and shortened and narrowed to rear section of the frame to pull everything in tight and fill a lot of the gaps.
The engine for the bike is going to be an early 1950's set of OEM Panhead engine cases that will be setup as an 88" engine. We are running dual front heads with dual Amal carbs which will be modified with accelerator pumps. The internals of the engine are made up of Truett and Osborne custom lightweight flywheels and rods, custom Baisley built OEM rockers modified with roller tips, lightweight cam chest gears, and a custom cam built by Leineweber. The whole engine combination should make for a fast revving powerful engine.
The final vision for the bike is basically a trimmed down slimmed down lightweight chopper that can handle the harsh streets of NY where we live, that is capable of weaving through the tight traffic to get where it needs to go.
We are really looking forward to being out at Born-Free again this year for the show, and cant wait to see some of the other Invited Builder Bikes that are being done for this years show. See you in June - Visionary Cycle Products"

Stay tuned and be sure to also follow them on Instagram HERE

February 23, 2015

Mama Tried and the Street 500 Giveaway in Milwaukee

 We had a blast at the Mama Tried show in Milwaukee over the weekend thanks to Warren and Scott that put on the event. In a city already rich with motorcycle history these guys have put together a show that has become a must-see in two short years.
They also let us use it as a place to giveaway the Harley-Davidson "Thresher" Street 500 we had built last year for BF6 by Brandon of Brawny Built and Speed Merchant. The bike was one fo the first custom Streets built and was featured on the cover of HOT BIKE magazine and numerous other places. One lucky guy named Scott Takes had his ticket pulled and was there at the show...the rest is history! Scott is a very talented and does a lot of paint work, you can follow him HERE on his instagram. It turned out to be a bit of a Cinderella story for us because we always hope our bikes go to good homes and even though we didn't really know Scott it turned out that he has painted several of our invited builder bikes over the years as well as many other cool scoots. He also received a new Biltwell Gringo helmet with the bike. Congrats to Scott and thanks to all that helped with the Street Project including a big thanks to Harley-Davidson.

Don't forget we are giving away 3 more bikes at Born-Free this summer, don't miss out!!

OF course no trip to Milwaukee would be complete with lots of fried cheese curds and a visit to the Harley Museum! This place is heaven on earth for us, plus they had a new photo exhibit you gotta check out.

February 18, 2015

Ride To Born-Free Via Chop Cult

Chop Cult has set up a thread for all you riders making the journey to BF7. CLICK HERE  Now is the time to do it! This is designed to help riders meet up and experience the open road on two wheels.. maybe make some lifetime friendships. It will also aid in finding repair shops , points of interest , nudist camps , bars and camping spots. You are still younger enough to do this but you won't be forever...Summer 2015 - BF7  

BF7 Invited Builder : Mark Drews

Finally we pinned down Mark to build a bike for BF. This is no easy task and we are friends. Mark is such a cool dude & super talented. He has built of  the neatest bikes in recent memory and we can't wait to see what he does for BF7. He's up north doing his thing and we probably won't hear from him again until show time so take a look at some of his killer work...I did get a small pic of the the beginning of his build. It's a Pan!!

February 17, 2015

Important Vendor Information

We are filling up quick for BF7. If you want to vend at the show please act now. Two full days of fun with people from across the globe to view and purchase your goods. We have a couple different sizes this year 10 x 10 & 10 x 20. We also have a few larger spots left. We are trying to get this finalized by March and have the maps done and all of you on our website directory. Please email Chris Huber today to get a spot. Remember payment without a signed vendor agreement form does not lock in your spot. We need both... Please. Time is flying by and we need your help.    

February 16, 2015

Last Day To Purchase

Today is the last day to buy online a poster/ticket combo for the BF7 H-D Street giveaway. *Killer bike built by Brandon Holstein from Brawny Built/ Speed Merchant! We will pick the winner this Saturday Feb 21st at The Mama Tried Show in Milwaukee. *YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN THIS BIKE !! We will be selling live at the event so if you are anywhere near Milwaukee get over to the show and win a motorcycle. To purchase the BF7 promo poster w/ free ticket to enter visit the Loser Machine Born-Free Merch page ** Your ticket also enters you to win 3 other motorcycles at Born-Free 7. 1946 Knucklehead Built by Max @ 4q & 77/15 Lowrider combo. > $ 25 gets  you a shot at 4 Bikes!! Don't wait someone will win & it can be you!!     

February 13, 2015

BF7 Invited Builder-Bobby "The Leg" Middleton

Bobby The Leg is back! From Chicago, he broke through and won the first Show Class People's Champ contest with the amazing white knucklehead and then last year built a killer clean Panshovel chopper for his Invited bike and RODE it across the country to BF6 and got BEST CHOPPER.

This year he is building a supercharged Shovster digger! The .63 XLCH powerplant is coming along and the frame will all be 4130 chromoly with an OG Ness frontend!

Be sure to follow Bobby on Instagram HERE